Film Education and Career

How to break into the film industry as a freelancer or independent contractor

Summary: This blog covers the steps to break into the film industry as a freelancer or independent contractor, including what to invest in, creating a portfolio, networking, and finding jobs. It encourages those looking to break into the industry to attend film festivals and industry events, to create a website or social media accounts to showcase their work, and to reach out to those already established in the industry for advice.

The importance of networking in the film industry

Networking is essential for success in the film industry, as it can provide access to resources and opportunities, stay on top of the latest industry trends, and build relationships with industry professionals. It can be done by having a presence on social media, attending industry events, joining industry organizations and associations, and nurturing relationships with people met.

An overview of film industry jobs: From production to post-production

This blog post provided an overview of common film industry jobs, from pre-production to post-production, outlining the duties and responsibilities of each role and the skills and experience necessary to succeed. It also discussed the importance of each role in the success of a film project.

Film schools vs. self-taught: Which is the better path for a career in film?

This article explores the advantages and disadvantages of both film schools and self-taught approaches to breaking into the film industry. It is concluded that the decision of which route to take depends on the individual's personal and financial circumstances.